About Us

Aiming to cater for the ramp in its widest context, Ramp Equipment News is now celebrating its eighth year of production. During this time we have adhered to the recipe that has proved successful, namely that of offering the magazine in both on-line and printed format, so that readers can benefit to the maximum.

The aviation sector still proves to be a challenging environment for those involved in it, whether in the sky or on the ground. Fuel spikes, labor concerns, bankruptcy and ever-increasing levels of competition are merely some of the ingredients in the mixture: overshadowing all this, though, is the ongoing recession that has obliged many within the business to look anew at their operating models.

Ramp Equipment News looks at all that is novel and new on the ramp and, where possible, questions received wisdom. After all, just because a procedure or format has been followed for years does not mean to say that it is the only acceptable method in attaining a pre-determined end. Thus the reader will find articles covering topics such as alternative power, the influence of IT at today’s airport, environmental issues, ramp safety practices, telematics and passenger processing, now and in the future. Time doesn’t stand still in this industry sector, and for that reason alone no two years’ content is ever the same.

Ramp Equipment News is also proud to be part of the industry’s new body, the International Airport Equipment Manufacturers’ Association, which is making its mark on the GSE sector.

To end on a publicity note, Ramp Equipment News will be distributed at major events in North America as well as elsewhere in the world, thereby giving you a chance to maximise your product’s exposure.