March 2017

Phoenix tractorNew from Phoenix is the  HS-5K

This tractor is capable of towing 55,000 pounds of cargo at speeds up to 25 mph. The model comprises a shortened Ford 350 DRW drive, cab and chassis, while the suspension is modified to accommodate the shortened (105 inch) wheelbase. All the standard factory original equipment is retained on the chassis. Heavy steel plate is utilised for the rear bumper whilst the front benefits from a heavy bumper with both grille and side protection guards. The rear deck has room for loose bags and cargo and the tractor is finished off with an E hitch.

March 2017

ULD merger will grow network

ULD activity has been in the news again.

ACL Airshop, a company that leases, sells, repairs and manages ULDs and cargo net supplies, has aULDnnounced that it is to merge with Ranger Airshop, the investment arm of Ranger Aerospace. The initiative will allow a focus on the growth of ACL’s network, which is expected to double from the current 45,000 ULDs to 100,000 units.

According to Steve Townes, President and founder of Ranger Aerospace, this move has been some 16 years in the making. “The intent is to grow the ULD network strategically,” he commented. In the next five to seven years, the new entity will consolidate its operation in certain of its locations.

March 2017

Auction time in Brazil

Having bid a total of US$1.19bn, three companies are now set to operate four airports in Brazil.

Germany-based Fraport has won the concession for the airports of Fortaleza (30 years) and Porto Alegre (for 25 years); part of the deal will involve it paying the government 5% of the airports’ annual revenues. Zurich airport operator Flughafen Zurich was successful in its bid for the concession to operate Hercílio Luz airport in Florianópolis: this contract will run for 30 years. Elsewhere, Vinci gained the right to operate Magalhaes airport in Salvador, also for a 30 year contract.

In all, the quartet account for just over 11% of Brazilian passenger traffic.

March 2017

On a charge at 5,000

LEKTRO has reached a milestone, having delivering its five thousandth aircraft tug to American Airlines at Los Angeles International airport. To date, LEKTRO has produced more towbarless aircraft tugs than any other manufacturer in the world. Tlektrohe tug, a model AP8950SDB-AL-250, is the Oregon based company’s largest pushback offering, capable of handling aircraft up to 280,000 pounds, such as the Boeing 757. It represents an upgraded version of LEKTRO’s popular AP8950SDB-AL-200, which was introduced in 2014 and designed to handle aircraft up to 210,000 pounds like the A321 and B737. The new tugs are certified to handle every narrow body aircraft in American’s fleet and every regional aircraft it and its sister regional carriers operate. 

The new units replace several of American Airlines’ conventional diesel tractors and should ensure safe and reliable pushback operations, while lowering the overall carbon emission levels at the airport.