AAR Mobility Systems awarded $10.8m pallet order from US Air Force

AAR, an independent provider of aviation and defence aftermarket solutions, has been awarded a US$10.8m order from the US Air Force for the production of 463L cargo pallets.

The cargo pallets will be manufactured at AAR’s Mobility Systems business unit in Cadillac, Michigan.USAF Master Sgt. Jeremy Lock

“AAR continues to provide this crucial, strategic asset to the US Air Force to ensure it meets its worldwide operational requirements,” said Lee Krantz, Senior Vice President, AAR Mobility Systems. “As a trusted source, AAR is proud to provide the 463L pallet to the U.S. Armed Forces, its allies and other US Government agencies.”

The 463L USAF design uses a lightweight balsa wood core that continues to provide unmatched strength-to-weight performance and reliability compared to alternative commercial pallet designs.

The pallets are designed to be loaded and off-loaded on a variety of military and commercial aircraft.