July 2017

New mini differential pressure gauge

A recent addition to Gammon Technical Products is the Mini Gammon Gauge: this is essentially a smaller version of the established Gammon Gauge. The Gammon Gauge is a popular tool for differential pressure reading and is used on aviation fuel filters in refineries, fuel terminals, airport fuel systems and refuelling vehicles.

Gammon Technical Products noted that there was a need for a smaller, even less expensive differential pressure indicator for more modest operations and so the Mini Gammon Gauge was developed.

Filtration standards for the refuelling industry, from the refinery to the aircraft, are set by the EI. They used to be set by the API, but because of litigation issues, the API turned this over to their UK counterpart, the Energy Institute.

The new Mini is aimed at the smallest airports, flowing no more than 125 gpm/400 lpm.

It is worth recording that Gammon did not include all the psi markings on the instrument, at the request of the EI. This latter desired the operators of these filters to change elements based on the colours, namely green, yellow, red, and not the psi indication. These, though, are available for non-aviation usage.