July 2017

Delta Cargo on a roll
Delta Cargo posted the highest average NFD percentage for total airport-to-airport shipments amongst North American carriers over last 12 months at 81.31%, according to figures just released by the carrier. This continues the improved operational reliability trend which has seen Delta Cargo lead the North American carrier domestic belly carrier market in average NFD performance for total airport-to-airport shipments over the last three quarters. 

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Part of this improvement has been down to the fact that Delta Cargo has made significant investments in its technology systems and infrastructure. Its Atlanta warehouse has been transformed, with process, layout and structural changes that have improved efficiency and cargo processing. The addition of nearly 30,000 square feet of warehouse space at its JFK warehouse will also aid the forthcoming warehouse redesign and again improve the operational efficiency. Additionally, Delta and KLM have moved to a single roof shared warehouse in Salt Lake City.