Strike action at Logan?

JetBlue Airways is gearing up for a rough ride over the next few days at Logan International. The bulk of the airline’s contractors, who are employed by ReadyJet and Flight Services and Systems, have been trying for over six years to become members of the 32BJ Service Employees International Union. Their attempts have drawn disapprobation from ReadyJet and Flight Services and Systems; indeed, both these companies have a history of fines for cases of theft and safety violations at the station, and allegedly have used threatening behaviour towards employees looking to unionise. Because of this, upwards of 500 baggage handlers, PRM assistants, skycaps and cabin cleaners are now considering strike action.

According to JetBlue (which supports the concept of a decent living wage), the intended strike will not adversely affect its operations at the airport, since it has subcontracted labour on standby.