Pay day in New York

The news that the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey is to raise the wages of its handlers, security staff, PRM agents, cleaners and other workers has been met with enthusiasm. This award is the result of a long battle that actually began in 2012, with a campaign that was waged under the banner of Fight for US$15. That fight has taken almost six years to bear fruit but finally, the New Jersey airport staff will gain wage parity with their colleagues in New York. The first increment is due this September and this will see Newark Liberty’s workers being paid US$12.45 per hour, a US$2 gain. Further salary increments will follow in due course.

The downside to the salary breakthrough, though, is the fact that the full hourly benefit, that of US$19, won’t be achieved until 2023 – that’s another five years away.

Taking into account inflation and the continual rising cost of living, one is left wondering about the monetary value of this increase. Airport staff are notoriously poorly paid – so will this financial incentive make a real difference to their lives?