Electric turn a first in the US

It has been some time coming, perhaps, but the first green turnaround has finally been executed. Dnata achieved this significant milestone in its sustainability journey by successfully executing a green turnaround at JFK in November. The handler ensured a smooth and safe turnaround of a VivaAerobus Airbus A320 aircraft using only zero-emission ramp ground support equipment at Terminal 1. RAMP EQPT NEWS dnata
During the green turnaround, dnata’s team transported baggage with electric baggage tractors to the aircraft and applied electric conveyor belts to offload and load baggage and cargo. Staff pushed the aircraft back from the gate with a Mototok electric, remote controlled towbarless pushback tractor, positioning it ready for taxi and departure. David Barker, CEO of dnata USA, commented on the exercise.
“We are thrilled to achieve this memorable milestone by using only green equipment to deliver a smooth airport experience for passengers, and ensure safe and timely departure of our customer’s flight.
“We constantly invest in infrastructure and equipment to improve operational efficiency and reduce our carbon footprint. We are committed to converting our USA fleet to electric GSE to preserve our environment for future generations. We continue to enhance our operations to deliver the highest possible value for our partners by being an employer of choice and socially responsible in our communities.”