May 2017

 New venture could reduce fuel consumption

TM4 and Cummins have announced a joint venture towards developing a plug-in hybrid powertrain for Class 7/8 transit buses. This initiative is intended to reduce fuel consumption by at least 50% over conventional hybrid buses.

The project aims to provide transit authorities with a flexible, more efficient drivetrain and a long range zero emission capability for inner city routes.

As a world leader in electric powertrain development, TM4 equipped 5,000 buses in China last year. TM4’s expertise and real-road experience is seen as being instrumental in developing an optimised powertrain for plug-in transit buses.

With its particular expertise in internal combustion engines and related products, Cummins will be optimising the powertrain by selecting the engine with the best architecture to use as an electric commercial vehicle range extender, and using the engine to manage the charge level of the all-electric drive battery pack. The range extender will be integrated, using advanced vehicle controls, with the electrified powertrain and other applicable technologies.

May 2017

dnata-cargoCargo acquisition by dnata

Ground handler dnata has announced that it has reached an agreement with Lynx Holdings to acquire its AirLogistix USA cargo handling operations at George Bush Intercontinental.

The 30,000 square foot facility will include the only dedicated perishable cargo facility at this airport. This state-of-the-art cargo handling centre is suitable for all perishable products, including pharmaceuticals, fruit, vegetables, fish and flowers; and it further underlines dnata’s advanced position in terms of perishable cargo handling.

In 2016, over 16,000 tonnes of perishable cargo were handled at this warehouse. In addition to this, the facility also has the capacity to handle up to 20,000 tonnes of regular air cargo.

As part of this transaction, AirLogistix USA and dnata have committed to open a similar facility at Dallas Fort Worth International in the summer of 2017. This second facility will be slightly bigger at 37,000 square feet, and again includes a dedicated perishables handling facility.



May 2017

GAT gains equity investment

Private equity company Atlantic Street Capital has made a majority investment in GAT Airline Ground Support, a provider of handling services at various airports around the US.

Founded in 1965, GAT offers a portfolio of services at 37 airports: it provides ramp services, passenger handling and other ancillary services. Currently, it employs over 2,000 people. Atlantic Street Capital acquired its majority stake in GAT from the founding family. Boe Strange, Chief Executive Officer at GAT, will continue in the same position and remain a significant shareholder within the company.