April 2017

Aviramp wins over American Airlines 

Following  a successful installation in Los Angeles, the first flight deploying an Aviramp took place on April 12. Passengers, handlers and airline staff were recorded as being very positive about the impact this boarding aid has delivered in just a short period of time. Most notable has been the quicker, streamlined boarding and deplaning processes, the improved levels of passenger safety and the all-inclusive, step-free passenger experience, which is viewed as an especial benefit for the PRM. 

An American Airlines representative felt compelled to contact the Aviramp team after its deployment, summing it all up: “It was absolutely perfect; this is one fine piece of equipment – the boys over on the other side of the world certainly do it right. Well done all.” 

April 2017

ABC promotes Vince RyVinceRyanAirBridgeCargo (2)an to VP Americas


AirBridgeCargo Airlines has promoted Vince Ryan to the post of Vice President, North and South America.Based in New York, he will continue the development of ABC’s growing business and network in the Americas, which already includes Boeing 747 freighter services connecting Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles and Seattle to the airline’s global network over its Moscow hub.

April 2017

AeroVironment launches advanced safety device on its charger 

At ProMat 2017 AeroVironment has launched a patent-pending advanced version of its ConnectRx for its PosiCharge ProCore line of electric forklift chargers for the materials handling industry.

According to the NIST White Paper entitled “Towards Improved Forklift Safety,” more than 100,000 forklift accidents occur every year in the US. The study also reports that one in six US workplace deaths are caused by forklift accidents. Solutions that enhance forklift safety can positively impact workplace productivity and profitability.thumbnail_PosiCharge_ProCore_AeroVironment FLISS

The advanced ConnectRx, a standard feature on PosiCharge ProCore, is a sophisticated cable connector health monitoring technology designed to detect connector abnormalities during charging sessions. It immediately alerts users to possible charger and battery output problems that could potentially result in damage to the forklifts or facilities and injuries to employees. In addition to the advanced ConnectRx, PosiCharge ProCore’s anti-arc disconnect feature protects the operator and minimises wear on the connectors. ProCore’s advanced charge algorithm manages voltage and battery electrolyte temperatures in real time and actively compensates for superior battery gassing control. The low overcharge and accurate current control featured in ProCore contributes to extended battery life and increased safety.

The new, advanced ConnectRx will be available in the spring of 2017 as a standard feature on the PosiCharge ProCore series.

April 2017

Cavotec: more sales to the US

Cavotec 3

Cavotec’s 2500+ 400Hz solid state frequency converter units are continuing to gain traction in the GSE market, with the US being the latest in a growing number of countries where the unit is safely and efficiently meeting the greater power demands of modern passenger aircraft.

Both Miami International airport and Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International have selected the unique electrical and communication technological advances of the 2500+, where the units will power a wide variety of aircraft. Featuring the intuitive Skyway Interface and communication platform, the 2500+ helps these airports to make considerable improvements in operational efficiency and data collection.

“The Skyway Interface is one of our customers’ favourite features of the 2500+ because it provides operators with easy access to the procedures that they use most frequently,” explains Felix Covarrubias, Cavotec’s VP of Global Airport Power Systems.